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Grass Seed Sales

Are you tired of slick forage seed sales people that know little about growing and managing forages? Tired of overpaying for the fancy brochures and promos? We have been selling forage seed to Western Canadian farmers and ranchers direct for over 10 years and seeded thousands of acres and in the process helped them save big time. 


We work direct with forage seed growers throughout the Peace River region and can offer very competitevley priced forage seed....We can also ship anywhere in Western Canada. 


Call us for pricing and availability: 250-783-9999

On offer we have available:





  • Alfalfa - Tap root inoc - Several varieties  

  • Alfalfa - Creep root inoc - Several varieties

  • Alfalfa - yellow blossom inoc  - Anik Sweet

  • Clover inoc 

  • Red Clover inoc

  • Alsike Clover inoc    

  • Meadow Brome  

  • Smooth Brome  

  • Orchardgrass  

  • Pubescent wheatgrass  

  • Slender Wheatgrass  

  • Awned Wheatgrass  

  • Creeping Red Fescue 

  • Timothy      .

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