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Venator Grass Fattened Bison 

Bison are truly a remarkable animal created through natures selection process; unbelievably suited to northern British Columbia's climate and seasons; an animal that is the epitome of grassland sustainability...  In 2014 we had an opportunity to purchase a neighboring property with a small bison herd... it was the start of a goal that we had for our ranch... Grass Finished Bison... Today our herd numbers over 1000 animals and flourishes under our rotational grazing system.... grazing along side the grizzly bears and great grey owls

For more about our bison sales visit or click on the link 


























If you would like to harvest your own bison we can arrange that as well. You will never tatse better bison meat than a field harvested grass fattened Bison 


 Give Christoph a Call on his cell 780-978-2697  or email him by clicking on the button      



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September 2015 289
Mai 2015 081
September 2015 285
Mai 2015 149
July 2014 103
June 2015 017
February 2015 159
September 2015 080
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