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Private Treaty Bull Sales 

Over the years we have watched many things that are suppose to be simple become complicated. Just look a ranch that is operated to work against mother Nature: Calving in the winter, feeding cattle for 7-8 months of the year in 5 star feedlot style facilities and topped off with high grain rations...That pretty much sums up most mainstream purebred breeders. 




Our cow herd works for us and it starts with calving at the end of April just like our bison herd. Our intention has always been to maximize the length of the grazing season and then to have a cow herd that can go through the winter bale grazing with minimal supervision, licking snow, looking after herself and then having to do it all over again the next year. 




Not only do the genetics have to be suited to this style of "simple" management but they also have to be selected and raised under these conditions. All our bulls are sold as two year olds after they have gone through their 2 year long boot camp... Bulls are grown out as a yearling on a basic hay ration then grassed the next season until they are moved to bale grazing in large groups; without a feedlot or corral in sight. With this managment bulls are grown out with a natural cycle, never pushed and built to last... most of all you do not need a scale to figure out the good ones from the culls.     


The focus of our breeding program is for the commercial ranchers that have a keep it simple philosphy. Ranchers, that want cattle that can hold their own and do more with less. Our 100% forage developed bulls are at work across Canada in many different environments... from the Saskatchewan Sandhills to the Rugged B.C. Interior and in between.




The below gallery and video will give you an idea of the type of animals that we produce.



July 2011 014
February 2012 418
July 2011 229
February 2012 592
July 2011 020
July 2011 021
February 2012 500
July 2011 051
June 2012 168
June 2012 011
June 2012 169
June 2012 195
June 2012 003
June 2012 159
June 2012 183
June 2012 208
February 2013 050
January 2013 2012 059
April 2013 095
February 2013 154
February 2013 152
February 2013 114
January 2013 2012 182
February 2013 098
January 2013 2012 217
February 2012 538
January 2011 029
February 2011 171
January 2011 022
January 2011 068
January 2011 061
February 2011 055
January 2011 144
February 2010 105
February 2010 332
February 2010 108
February 2010 324
February 2010 143
February 2010 156
February 2010 357
March 2010 125

If you would like more information you can call us at 250-783-9999, send us an email: 

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