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Venator Ranches ltd. 

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Grass Fattened Bison & Meat Sales

Bison have been selected by nature for 10,000 years. They fit hand in glove with our ranch's landscape and environment. Started in 2014 with 75 animals today we have close to 1000 head of Bison that roam the pastures of Venator Ranch. They are the ultimate grazing animal, and all our bison are completely fattened on grass. Free to roam grass fattened Bison are super healthy, its better for the environment and creates a food that is incredibly flavorful, tasty and is a super protein for your body. 

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Forage Developed Angus Genetics 

Our ranch philosophy is simple, to be profitable under a low input management system. The cattle have to work for us and so it's important that we have the right type of cows. Our Angus herd has been bred and selected from "Old World Grass Based Angus Genetics" To learn more follow the below link. 

Grass Seed Sales

It started with a small shipment of grass seed to help a friend seed down his ranch in Saskatchewan 16 years ago... Today we have helped source and seed down thousands of acres across western Canada. We work direct with the grass seed growers, help design ranch specific seed blends and can ship anywhere in Western Canada. If you are planning to seed down forages give us a try. 

Christoph, Erika, Pasco, Nero, Oro & Luna Weder
Box 358, Hudson's Hope, BC, V0C1V0, Canada
Phone: 250-783-9999, Cell: 780-978-2697
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